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Idea: soul mate attractor - use the law of attraction to find your soul mate

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Welcome to the number #1 soul mate attraction website.

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Welcome to SoulMateAttractor
This website will provide you with clear information on how to attract your
soulmate. This information is based on universal principles that are both
simple to understand, and easy to do.

These methods work!

To attract the partner of your dreams you must first believe and then
act as if you already have this special person and relationship in your
life. It is not a complicated process, but it does take time to
practice and get used to.
The simple steps provided on this website will help you change outdated
beliefs that keep you from your soul mate relationship. The 'Soul Mate
Attraction EBook' was created to further help you refine your skills
and help you attract this special person (your soul mate) to you.

Life Coach Paul
Hi, my name is Paul Markovich and I am a Professional Life Coach
Over many years of working with friends, family, and my clients, I
collected reams of information about partnerships, friendships, and
intimate relationships. I interviewed couples who had indeed found
their soulmates and I asked them how they did it. Many told me that
they really wanted a partner of their dreams, and it happened. But as I
found, there was more to the story. The information from my own
personal research, discovery and passion for soul mates were combined.
I created this website to set the record straight and to help people
attract the relationship of their dreams. Over the years I have
personally had 2 wonderful, heart-filled, intimate soul-mate
relationships that were beyond words. I also currently enjoy well over
20 soul-mate friends/acquaintances with more each day.
In addition, to help people in search of their Soul Mates, I created
the 'Soul Mate Attraction EBook', that you can purchase on this
website. It contains everything I have learned as is updated when new
material is found. This ebook makes the process of attracting your
soul-mate fun, easy and ultimately rewarding.
Please enjoy this soul mate web site, and your new found momentum! I am
currently using these principles right now and I wish you the best
success with them too.

Is Going On A Date Really That Important

Life Coach Paul - May 19, 2010

You may have heard the word `date' used in many contexts as you speak
to others in your life.

Simply, a `date' is a point in time. To date is going out with someone
you are interested in at a specific time. Of course, going out on a
date with a new person can be both fun and exciting

Is it really important to date? Y E S, Y E S, Y E S It Is!

It is important for many reasons, but first the basics.

basic importance
* you get to practice your social skills
* you get to experience new things
* you get to practice communicating
* you get to practice active listening
* you get to practice planning
* you get to do things you wouldn't normally do
* you build confidence
* you experience more and have more to talk about
* you get to go out and have fun

real importance
* you get into the flow of life
* you made something happen that would never have happened on it's
* you became a `YES' person - saying yes to opportunities and new

Going on a date with a new person is a very powerful experience. It
allows you to open up to new experiences and new ideas. Once you do
that you break your old patterns, and you give yourself the chance to
think about a better life for yourself.

How does all this happen? It happens because going on a date is one of
the simplest things you can do to break an age old pattern that still
permeates society today. That age old pattern is called `intimacy'. If
we stay home, locked up in our rooms or house we don't have to engage
with anyone except through the anonymous screen of a computer. And let
be the first to tell you -- that is not intimacy.

What you want, what I want, what they want is to be closer to people.
We need people around us to survive and thrive in life. One of life's
greatest joys is to share deeply with another person.

As you get better at dating, you will naturally get better with
intimacy. You will become a better communicator and you will allow more
of yourself to show through.

This real self is what you will share with your soul-mate. Going on
dates and learning to be open with another person, will go along way to
help you in your soul-mate relationships.

Practice dating, practice saying yes to new people, practice doing
things you wouldn't normally do with people you may not pay attention

Is Going On A Date Really That Important? YES YES YES!!!
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What Are 10 Things You Give In A Relationship?

Life Coach Paul - Apr 22, 2010

It is very important to be aware of what comes easily to you when you
are in a relationship. Some of us are great listeners, some of us are
very entertaining. Your natural, fun, relaxed self is who you are. It
is also what you give to others when they are around.

What are your natural gifts to the world. More specifically though,
what do you offer in relationships to other people when they are around

This list is part of a growing collection of areas that you will
investigate as you move through life. This task only requires that you
think of 10 things you give in relationship.

Helpful questions:
* What do people complement you on, or what have they complemented on
in the past?
* What do you think comes naturally to you that you like to share
with other people?
* What is your specialty when it comes to people?
* What things have you done around people that are both fun for you
and fun for them?

Your goal is to start keeping track of your positive qualities. The
personality traits that set you apart from everyone else. As you do
this exercise you will notice that you are `uplifted' in some way. It
is because you are paying attention to yourself. It is also because you
are appreciating yourself.

When you notice and appreciate who you are, others will notice. The
other major benefit is that once you get in the habit of doing this,
you will naturally attract other people into your life that appreciate
themselves too. These are the types of people who match your soul --
hint, hint `Soul Mate'.
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